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VR Class Sep 19-Sep 23, 2022

Date: Monday, September 19, 2022 to Friday, September 23, 2022
Venue:   Houston, TX United States  Get Directions
Tuition: $1,700.00
Seats Available: 0

New for 2024...Now a four-day seminar with the an option to take an examination via the Education Center after completing the training!

The Pressure Relief Valve Repair Seminar is geared toward inspectors, quality control personnel, and supervisors, and covers the inspection, assembly, and repair of pressure relief valves. Also reviewed during this training is the National Board VR Accreditation Program as well as the T/O mark for the inservice testing of pressure relief valves.

Students gain practical knowledge on preparing quality control programs, repair and alteration rules, qualifications and use of standard welding procedures, basic codes of construction, and compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this Seminar, students will be able to:
  • Describe the National Board "VR" Certification Program
  • Define NBIC, ASME, and PTC 25 requirements
  • Describe installation and operation of pressure relief valves
  • Recognize and differentiate between pilot-operated and spring loaded pressure relief valves
  • Calculate nameplate capacities and evaluate device certifications
  • Describe hands-on repair
  • Describe assembly and disassembly of pressure relief valves
  • Perform critical inspections
  • Evaluate lapping and grinding methods
  • Evaluate setting, testing, and sealing processes
  • Evaluate welding and NDE methods
  • Assess training and qualification of personnel
  • Understand Quality Control Systems
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Final Examination

For students electing to take the 50-question final examination, a minimum of 35 (70%) questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the examination.

Seminar Pre-Work

Completing the National Board's Basic Mathematics: Operations and Formulas online training seminar is suggested -- but not required -- prior to attending this classroom training.

Seminar Reference Materials

Each student is required to bring a scientific calculator with square root function.

Criteria for Completion

To receive a  Certificate of Completion with IACET CEUs to be issued, students must:
  • be in attendance every day,
  • actively participate in classroom activities and discussions, and
  • complete daily quizzes.