Frequently Asked Questions -- Classroom Training


Q1: Does National Board training issue continuing education units?
A1: Yes! The National Board Training Department is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to issue continuing education units (CEUs). Students enrolled in training conducted after June 1, 2012 will be eligible for CEU issuance, provided all requirements are met. Please reference the course descriptions for successful completion criteria.  Most National Board classroom training offers CEUs to students--check training catalogs for details.

Q2: What time do the training centers open/close each day?
A2: The majority of class schedules are 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. each day. The training center where the class is conducted opens 30 minutes prior to the start of class (8:00 a.m.) and closes at 4:30 p.m. Students will not have access to the buildings before or after those times so transportation should be planned accordingly. Please note: Students should reference the class agenda for possible start time exceptions.

Q3: Can I enroll on site on the first day of a class?
A3: No, onsite enrollment is not available for any National Board classroom courses. Because our classes are limited in size -- and because all student materials are ordered two weeks prior to the start of a class -- all students must be enrolled prior to the first day of all classroom training.

Q4: Can course materials be sent prior to the start of class?
A4: No, we do not send materials in advance of the class.

Q5: What is the dress code for National Board training?
A5: Dress for National Board training is business casual. Shorts are not considered business casual and may not be worn. Closed toe shoes are highly recommended.

Q6: What is the smoking policy?
A6: National Board training buildings are nonsmoking facilities. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only.

Q7: What electronic devices may be brought/used during class?
A7: Students may bring laptop computers for use during class but use of cell phones, Apple Watches, iPods, Blackberries, etc., is prohibited and must be turned off. Students are asked to limit use of such items to scheduled breaks and lunches. Please note: Although laptop computers may be used during class they are not permitted to be used for examinations.

Q8: Does the National Board provide ASME Code books for students?
A8: ASME Code books are the responsibility of each enrolled student and not included in tuition. Required code books are listed for each course on the Web site as well as within the enrollment confirmation email sent. It is necessary for every student to have the prerequisite set of books to aid them in class and to successfully study for and take the examination.

Q9: Can ASME Code books be purchased at the National Board?
A9: ASME Code books may be purchased from ASME.

Q10: Are electronic code books allowed?
A10: Use of electronic code books is NOT permitted for examinations or recommended for the classroom.

Q11: Can code books be shipped to and/or from the National Board?
A11: The National Board cannot accommodate shipping books to or from our mailroom. Students interested in shipping books to Columbus, OH, should consider shipping directly to their hotel. Please note: Several local hotels do provide shipping services for students upon the completion of class.

Q12: How far from the airport is the National Board?
A12: It is a 20-minute (15-mile) trip. Many hotels provide shuttle service to and from Port Columbus.

Q13: Are hotel accommodations or meals provided?
A13: Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for meals and lodging. Tuition covers only directly related training expenses.

Q14: Does the National Board recommend area hotels or provide transportation?
A14: A list of hotels in the area of the National Board can be found under Hotel Information. Students may elect to stay at any hotel on the list or another of their choosing. Students should ask about shuttle service to National Board offices when making hotel arrangements. The National Board does not arrange for student transportation.